Chiropractic Physician Association of America Inc.

The  CPAA - Chiropractic Physician Association of America

The CPAA is a national full service association with delegates in almost every state and in 4 countries focused on correcting the restrictive laws of the past, resulting in the expansion of your rights as a primary care physician.   Expansion of your rights will  allow you to excel in the future and provide better health to your patients.

We, as a profession all need to find common ground that we can all ralley behind to continue to build this profession.

By expanding your rights as a primary care physician and integrating into the medical system, with full prescriptive rights and the ability to specialize we can advance our profession and increase our services to the public.     

We are focused on your future as a primary care physician as well as protecting the rights you have now.    

The CPAA offers excellent CE seminars in conjunction with its affiliated associations.  We offer many classes not normally offered in other institutions.  Our classes will expand your knowledge in many areas of medicine while focusing on the sciences of pharmacology, injectable nutrition, internal medicine, surgery and chiropractic technique..  

In most states, DCs are licensed as primary care physician and  should be able to practice like one.  

The CPAA is here to advance your abilities to provide more care to your patients;  not to hold you back because of the old philosophies of the past. 

We understand that unless we correct the restrictive laws of the past and explore new philosophies for the future we will never survive as a profession   Yes, a few will survive but most of us will fail and quit.  This is unacceptable.  

How long will we continue to progress at a snails pace?  In many states they are losing ground and seeing their rights being stripped away.  Let's speed up the evolution of our profession now.  

Aren't you tired of worrying where your next patient will come from?  Expansion means prosperity for you and better health for your patients.  

The medical community is changing rapidly and yet we are fading away.  

The CPAA has always stood for expansion of your rights and has always offered great seminars where the education is not  based on the philosophies of the past, but  on modern medicine and proven natural ways to cure the sick.   We are focused.  Our seminars are fun, educational and cheap. 
Our seminars are normally credited in over 45 states as CE Credits for your license renewal. 

You can join the CPAA and/or become a delegate in your state today for free and make a difference. 

Join us today and help us create a better tomorrow.  The CPAA wants to help all states  join the ranks of other states that are leading the fight to expand their rights, their patient's rights  and your rights.  

Let your voice be heard.  Join us today and help us advance your rights.  With your help we can show the world that chiropractic is once again the progressive profession it once was.    

It is time to move on to the future.  

Come and join us today.   

Thank you,

Roderic A. Lacy, MD DC