Michael R. Wiles, DC, MEd, MS (Med Ed)
R. Ernest Cohn MD, NMD, DC, FACO
Marisol Estevez, JD
Christopher M. Proulx, DC, PhD(abd), ATC, CSCS 
Manal Tarhini, JD
Evan Mladenoff, DC, DIBAK
Frank Antonio DC
Raymond Tolmos, DC, DABCI, CEAS
Ty Talcott, DC, CHPSE
Shelly Severn, DC
Jerry Szych, DC, MS, RN, BSN, APC

Free 1st year FL licensees
Free for anyone affiliated to a DC office wanting to learn
(without requiring credits)

Avanti Palms Resort Hotel & Conference Center
6515 International Drive Orlando, Florida 32819

All 13 Required Hours will be available, please see schedule for breakdown

Up to 26 CEUs in the state of Florida
6 CEUs on Friday, 10 CEUs on Saturday and 10 CEUs on Sunday

(Some state only allow 8 hours per day of instruction
It is your responsibility to check your state rules)​

A New Approach to Biomechanics and Orthotics - MASS Posture Theory
Acupuncture Risk and Safety
Arcs of Tension to Optimize the Adjustment
Avoiding Medical Errors - OTC and Herb/ Drug Interactions
Blood Chemistry Evaluation and Nutritional Protocol
BLS for the Healthcare Provider Part I& II
Chiropractic Risk Management
Compliant Documentation and Coding
Compliant Treatment Planning and Documenting Maintenance Care
Current Approaches in Mechanical Spinal Distraction to Improve Patient Outcomes
DD Palmer & Harvey Lillard A Modern Review of Chiropractic Care and Hearing Disorders
Designing a 21st Century Chiropractic Educational Program
Diagnosis and Treatment of GERD and other upper GI Disorders through Nutritional, Nutraceutical and other Non-Drug Approaches
Documentation in the 21st Century Part I& II
Documentation of Examination of the Eyes and Pelvis
Electrodiagnostics in the Chiropractic Practice
How to Incorprate Functional Nutrition in Your Practice
Ethics/Boundaries: What Gets Doctors into Trouble
Fingernail and Tongue Analysis and Herbs for Achieving Better Health
FL Laws and Rules
Florida Motor Vehicle No-Fault Law
Folic Acid or MTHF Supplements: Which Will Give the Best Results with Today's Patient?
Georgia Chiropractic Laws and Rules Jurisprudence
HIPAA Title II Cybersecurity Regulations Safeguarding Your Practice
Hot Acupuncture Points
How to Practice Without Getting Into Legal, Ethical or Clinical Trouble
IBS, Crohn's, Colitis, Celiac, and SIBD. Research, Case Studies, and Protocols
If You Shake It You Break It The Chiropractic advantage to Diagnose and Treat Concussions
Introduction to DOT CDL Certified Medical Training
Laser Therapy A Paradigm in Chiropractic Practice
Legal Pitfalls Doctors Should Avoid
Made to Move - Fuctional Feet
Maintaining Quality of Life in Cancer Patients Addressing Cancer Cachexia with Nutrition
Manual Lumbar Distraction Technique
Medical Errors: The Adverse Effects of Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs
Neuroplasticity and Pain in Practice
Non-Manipulative Approaches to Coordination Disorders
Pain Neuroscience and Psychosocial Influences of Whiplash
Physical Modalities
Practice of Evaluating and Contributions of Chiropractic Care for the Cancer Diagnosed Patient
Prevention of Medical Errors
Professional Ethics and Boundaries
Risk Management - Independent Medical Examinations- What Chiropractors Need To Know
Risk Management: Deconstructing a Malpractice Suit
Risk Management: Injury Inflammation Pain Relief Chronic Pain
Surviving Audits by Properly Documenting HIPAA and Medicare Maintenance Care Part I& II
The History and Benefits of Medical Cannabis
The Relationship of Metabolic Endotexemia in Chronic Disease
Whiplash Associated Disorder The pathway from Acute to Chronic Pain Part I& II

Avanti Palms Resort and Conference Center is located in the heart of International Drive. Guests can take a refreshing plunge in the pool or unwind in the hot tub. Two on-site restaurants are provided for guests needing a bite to eat. 20,000 sq.ft. of conference space is provided for a variety of meetings and events. 
Universal Orlando Resort is 2.8 km from the resort.
Bring your family, have some fun
The discounted rate is available few days prior and after the seminar so bring your family for a vacation.

Gregg B. Friedman, DC, CCSP, FIACA
​Russel Lazega, JD
Guy DiMartino, JD, DC
James Cima, DC
​Richard Robitaille, DC
Timothy Mirtz DC, PhD, CAPE 
Jeffrey Moss, DDS, CNS, DACBN
John Davenport, DC, CCSP, FIAMA, MCS-P
Kelly Ennix King, MD
Kerry McCord, DC
Stuart Currie, DC, PhD
James Underwood, JD
Patrick Danzey, DC

38 Great Speakers - 50 Interesting Lectures


New speakers, new lectures, new hotel.
The same great FCPA CE Seminar.
Education, advancement, parties and fun.

Up to 26 CEUs - 98 Hours -  50 Lectures - 38 Speakers

Two pizza parties after classes
Free snacks, drinks, munchies etc
Doctors' Lounge

Please note all correspondence is sent by email, including your confirmation and badge. Please make sure to check your inbox or spam. If you have not heard from us please make sure to contact us before the seminar.

Please be kind to familiarize yourself with our attendance procedure prior to the Seminar. 
The full instructions can be found  
Scanning and how it works is available 

Seminar Fee

FCPA Summer CE Seminar August 10th - 12th, 2018 Orlando, FL

​The Nationwide

To register and pay please click here

Abraham Ovadia, JD
​R. Thomas Roselle, DC, PAc, PAK, DCCN, DCBCN
Ali M. Jafari DC, FACC
Bill Rice; DC, LAc
​James J. Lehman, DC, FACO
Billy G Heyser, DC, MD, DABCN, DACBN
​Tsu-Tsair Chi, NMD, PHD
Brandon Perkins, JD, DC
​Lewis Auerbach, MD
Charles Penza, DC
Edward S. Glaser, DPM
​Michael Epitropoulos, DC, PhD
Etienne Dubarry, DC

Chiropractic Physician Association of America Inc.

We have secured great room rates starting from $82
The group rates are available two days before and one day after the main event in case you wish to arrive early or stay longer.

Click here for the online group discount reservation, if you wish you can contact the hotel directly at 1-866-994-3157  providing the discount code 767645 when booking your room. 

The group block will be offered until July 9th, 2018 and it is subject to availability. 

Please book early to avoid disappointment.

The schedule has been approved by FL Board and is subject to change without prior notice
It's available for viewing here

August 10th - 12th, 2018 in Orlando, FL
The Nationwide

Some states only allow 8 hours per day of instruction.
It is your responsibility to check your state rules.

The Health Sciences Postgraduate Education Department at the University of Bridgeport has applied for continuing education credits in the following states.

States Applied for - Awaiting Approval:

ACBN, Alabama, Georgia, Hawaii, Kentucky, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Michigan, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, 
North Carolina, North Dakota, South Dakota, Texas, West  Virginia, Wisconsin and Puerto Rico

Approved States:

Florida #20-649702

Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Maryland, Mississippi, Montana, Nebraska, New York (Documentation, Recordkeeping and Coding and General Classes only),  Ohio (Category 3), Oregon, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Utah, Vermont, Vermont ND, Virginia, Washington, Washington DC  and Wyoming

We do  not apply for CE credits in the following states due to high application fees and/or low demand.
Arizona, Arkansas, California, Kansas, Minnesota, Missouri, New Mexico, Oklahoma​, Pennsylvania and Tennessee

If you attend the seminar for all available hours you can receive credits for 26 hours.  
The core classes for the new licensees will be offered as well as for seasoned doctors.
We will be offering classes for CE for Certified Chiropractic Physician Assistants.   
All office staff are free if they do not require CE credits. 

Since each state CE credits can vary; if you have any questions about a specific state please contact us at myfcpa@gmail.com and we will be happy to give you that information as we receive it.​