Chiropractic Physician Association of America Inc.

Become a CPAA Delegate

We are in the process of change in the FCPAA in order to serve you better. We want to designate a member of the FCPAA in each state to act as a delegate to our new organization the Chiropractic Physician Association of America (CPAA). Plans are to hold an annual meeting of these delegates from each state for the purpose of discussing advancing chiropractic practice acts in each state.

We hope you will seriously give some thought to representing your state as a delegate and supporting this new organization. We are now considering locations to hold the first annual meeting which we are planning for in late 2017. Any suggestions or input from you would be welcomed.    

We appreciate your membership and support in the past and hope we can count on it as we continue to change and expand in order to make advancements in the chiropractic profession a reality.

Please e-mail or if you are willing to serve as a delegate from your state.
Paulette Kaelin
Chiropractic Physician Association of America