Chiropractic Physician Association of America Inc.

The CPAA is fighting to integrate chiropractic physicians into the healthcare system as specialists and primary care providers with full prescriptive rights starting with Injectable Nutrition in Florida.

As an international association, we invite members from everywhere to join at no charge.  

Please become a member today and  join us in our fight for your expanded rights.  The CPAA is the front runner in fighting for your expanded rights.  
We now have individual state/country associations under the umbrella of the CPAA (International) in most all states of the USA and in 4 countries.  These state/country associations are all united under the CPAA to help spread the word that it is time to expand your rights as a physician.

If you would like join the CPAA and become a delegate in your state, please click the member registration tab and fill out the form.  Be sure to make a note, noting also which state delegation you are joining.  You can also send an email to

The CPAA is not in competition with any association that is also fighting toward your expanded legal rights as a physician.    We are working with and promoting several other state associations that are focused on expanded rights for all DCs.   If you are a member of another association, please talk to them and ask if they might like to allow us to work with them to expand your rights.  We need a united front if we are to survive as a modern profession; a profession we can all be proud of, one that provides modern-anti over abuse healthcare to the millions that so desperately deserve it. 

I do not need to tell you of the progress other professions are making towards their expansion of their rights.  Even physical therapists are now introducing legislation toward prescriptive authority. 

If we miss the boat now, we may be left behind and lose the opportunity we now have to help solve the problem of the shortage of primary health care providers.  

Please join us today in the fight to expand your rights... It's FREE and we need you to help if we are going to win this war.

Roderic Lacy, MD DC   CEO